Friday, February 2, 2018

Reflection on GPP Meeting One

A few highlights struck me during our first meeting for the Virginia Tech, Global Perspectives Program.  Foremost, it was clear that the room was full of motivated, dynamic people. One person was in NYC at the Grammys, others were traveling for professional reasons, and I, among others, could not attend the full meeting due to other commitments.  This group is clearly capable and productive.

The next event that struck me was the level of trust exhibited towards us by Dean DePauw. She said, "meet me at 3pm on May 27th at the hotel in Zurich" [roughly]. As a traveler, I very much appreciated this expectation/respect. As a cohort of motivated and competent Doctoral students, it seems appropriate to entrust travel to us. I do expect some complications, but I'm sure we'll manage.

Finally, the efficiency of scheduling regular meetings was remarkable. With so many people and competing schedules, it was a wonder that we found a common time quickly, and without the need to use a Doodle poll or any other technology.  I can already sense the energy that this cohort has, and I'm excited to see us operate as a team across Europe.

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